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Twenty-five random songs

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1. Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye
To appear sad
With the same 'ol decent lazy eye
Fixed to rest on you
Aim free and so untrue
Everyone's so intimately rearranged
Everyone can focus clearly with such shine

2. The Kooks - If Only
So hold your head, and hold your tongue
But only say what you have to
And as a child yes I dreamed
Of holding her in the silver screen
She loved her man loved him twice

3. The Forecast - Whiskey's Dead, You're Next
Have you told her son about the alcohol and medicine
Or the wasted days while friendships frayed
Where you could barely carry your weight
Flip the lights down or pretend you’re not alone
And spill the secrets

4. This Day & Age - Long Walk Home
In the driver's seat is my self-esteem,
Where I know that the heart should be.
I'm cleaning off these shelves to show you how I've changed,
And if all goes well, tonight will call for rain.
I'm moving pass the past at the slowest of speeds,
Hoping that our love exceeds our insecurities.

5. Head Automatica - Beating Heart Baby
You, you really got your hold on me
You, you gotta get away from me
'Cause you, you want nothing to do with me
Baby, is this love for real?
Let me in your arms to feel
The beating of your heart, baby

6. Sugarcult - She's the Blade
Don't you make a move tonight
You can only stagger
Once she's got you in her sight
You're the one she's after
She's the blade and you're just paper

7. Dresden Dolls - Dirty Business ♥♥
She's the kind of girl who gets her slings and arrows from the dumpster
The kind who tells you she's bipolar just to make you trust her
She's the kind of girl who leaves out condoms on the bedroom dresser
Just to make you jealous of the men she fucked before you met her

8. Yellowcard - Space Travel
She moves like beams of light
Straight through this universe in my head
Where I get peace of mind
Free from the stupid things that I said
She's all in my head

9. Mat Kearney - Undeniable ♥♥
A moment like a poem, you wish you could hold it
I shut my eyes like it's frozen, it's gone when I open
It slipped past the clouds right there where it lingered
Like your band and a girl could slip through your fingers
My feet hit the ground like a beat for the lonely
On a path beaten down by the crowds in the morning

10. PlayRadioPlay - Complement Each Oter Like Colors
We can stand the street every night to the sound the breakbeat
I feel like my worn hands are empty waiting for God's new plans
Please, darling, can you lead way?
My world was flipped now I have gone astray
Now it falls apart every night to the sight of the dim stars

11. Heavens - Patent Pending
Place a curse on the hearse we're driving
Cut they brake lines and they're dying
Glad to be traumatically
Against the ropes lost all hope trying
Finding ways to break the silence
And the quench our taste for violence
Shadow free's monstrosities
Crafting up our inhibition

12. Straylight Run - Soon We'll Be Living in the Future
And please, be honest
What's it mean and what have you done?
Can I just be another risk you're running? Can I?
It's simple, something always on my mind.
I'm dying.
We've got these mouths to feed.
Food and drink and hand-shaped drugs

13. The Used - On My Own ♥♥
And now it seems that i have found nothing at all
Wanna hear your voice out loud
Slow it down, slow it down
Without it all, i'm choking on nothing
It's clear in my head, and i'm screaming for something
Knowing nothing is better than knowing it all
On my own..

14. +44 - Baby, Come On
She's a pretty girl
She's always falling down
And I think I just fell in love with her
But she won't ever remember, remember
And I can't always find her
At the bottom of a plastic cup
Drowning in drunk sincerity
A sad and lonely girl

15. Brighten - Ready When You Are
You know now it's not a race
But don't let me know
I'm ready when you are, take me home
You know I shouldn't be left alone
Tell me whether I'm right but tell it to my face

16. The Format - On Your Porch
I was on your porch, the smoke sank into my skin
So I came inside to be with you and we talked all night,
About everything we could imagine 'cause come the morning I'll be gone
And as our eyes start to close I turn to you
And I let you know that I love you

17. Carrie Underwood - Wasted ♥♥
She kept drivin' along
Till the moon and the sun were floating side-by-side
He looked in the mirror and his eyes were clear
For the first time in a while, hey yeah
Oh, I don't wanna spend my life jaded
Waiting to wake up one day and find
That I let all these years go by

18. The Academy Is... - LAX to O'Hare
It was a plane ride from LAX to O'Hare
And what happened next was a series of unfortunate events
(Please stay tuned for what happened next...)
The life I breathe for you gives to me new wounds
To patch and dress as I reflect
On what else I could give you

19. Forgive Durden - Ear to Ear
My destiny wasn't written in the stars
It's been meticulously planned
And presented in a chart
A flawless design to truly satisfy
You want results?
Look at the fucking smile on my face

20. Copeland - Testing the Strong Ones ♥♥
There's an angel by your hospital bed
Desperate to hear his name on your breath
As he looks down you're not making a sound
Open your eyes look at me
I'll bring to you whatever you need
And I'll tell you I'm sorry
That I can't take this pain away from you
And I'd put it on my own body if I knew how to
Can't you see?

21. The Higher - In the Set
Sneaking slowly through the night,
Outside the air it feels like ice, to you and I,
So for a short time I'll come inside,
Call me crazy, but just maybe,
I could be the one to change your mind,
So take a chance,
You never want to dwell on what could've been,

22. Forever the Sickest Kids - Breakdown
Looking at me lying
If I said I wasn't getting quite bored of you yet
And your consistent nagging
And your constant state of panic
Is unnecessary stress for me
You're the tip, tip, tip-top of the charts
You're the best thing I've ever done

23. Matt Nathanson - Curve of the Earth
I know you hear me catch your breath
But I'm not listening for the right words anymore
I'll take what's left
You're vicious like the blue sky
Right before the rain comes pouring through
Tell me does he look like me at all
Cause they're all an awful lot like you

24. Ludo - Part I: Broken Bride
Fifteen years I raged against the constant C, the
speed of light, the diagrams and haunted sleep
on frozen sheets, in bed, my dreams, your garden grave,
I'd climb inside, hold your bones and slowly die, the
cooling space inside your chest, my broken bride, you
never breathed again.

25. Feeling Left Out - Most Accidents Occur Ten Miles From Your House ♥♥
You're running free at record speed
My legs are crushed - my arms they bleed
Inside of me turns like a washing a machine
While outside I form a smoke screen
What happened to that girl I knew?
You look like her, but this can't be you
You're traveling to the Upper East Side
Make sure you enjoy the skyline
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