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Artist Name: Boys Like Girls
Album Name: Boys Like Girls
For Fans of (According to Prince Valiant, The Hopefuls, October Fall, Treaty of Paris, Archie Star

They've also been recommended to fans of Fall Out Boy and All-American Rejects.

They're from Boston too. :)

Full album download below.

1. The Great Escape
We'll scream loud at the top of our lungs.
And they'll think it's just 'cause we're young.
And we'll feel so alive. All of the wasted time.
The hours that were left behind.
The answers that we'll never find.
They don't mean a thing tonight.

2. Five Minutes to Midnight
No fact or fiiction or storyline.
'Cause I need you more than just for tonight.
You're oh oh oh like air.
I can't stop my breathing in.
I'm weak and you are my medicine.
I won't stop 'till I'm under your skin.

3. Hero/Heroine
I got a closet filled to the brim with the ghosts of my past and their skeletons.
And I don't know why you'd even try.
But I won't lie, you caught me off guard.
Now I'm running and screaming.
I feel like a hero and you're my heroine.
Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?

4. On Top of the World
Look up, the stars are fading.
And I am still here waiting to see you again.
Be with you my friend, when the moon is gone forever.
I hope you're up there somewhere.
I'll see you again. Be with you my friend.
'Cause all the roads lead to where you are.

5. Thunder
Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer.
Do you know you're unlike any other?
You'll always be my thunder, and I said
Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors.
I don't wanna ever love another.
You'll always be my thunder.

6. Me, You and My Medication
I've had too much to smoke, too much to drink.
Where have I been?
I feel like the stars are getting closer, and the sky is closing in.
And I don't know where to begin.
We're all looking for something to take away the pain.
Me and you and my mediication (making the best of it).

7. Up Against the Wall
No second times. I won't break. I won't waste.
Everything you left behind. So don't follow.
Just let it go. But the weather's been better.
Don't let it be another breakdown. Rebound.
This could be my last goodbye.
You crossed your heart, I hope to die.

8. Dance Hall Drug
She just turned sixteen. Stuck in the moment.
Dead at the scene. And it's on tonight.
This is the life that you wanted, right?
So turn off all the lights.
Dressed up just like a movie star.
At all the parties they'll know who you are.

9. Learning to Fall
Today is the day, the worst day of my life.
You sulk until it hurts me. I don't know why.
The cost of misery is at an all-time high.
I keep it hidden, close to the surface inside.
I'm learning to fall. I can hardly breathe.
So when I'm going down, don't worry 'bout me.

10. Heels over Head
You're a chance taker. Heartbreaker.
Got me wrapped around your finger.
I got your runaway smile in my piggybank, baby.
Gonna cash it right in for a new Mercedes.
If I drive 1000,000 miles,
Would you let me stay a while?

11. Broken Man
I wanna scream until no sound comes out and you learn your lesson.
I wanna swallow these pills to get to sleep so I don't have
To make a bad impression. I need to start to be myself,
'Cause I'm sick of everybody else. I won't let you bring me down.
It's here and now, I'm breaking out. I will learn to love again.

12. Holiday
And I don't think I'll ever change.
I think I'm gonna stay the same.
I'll run away. I need to take a holiday.
Maybe it's a fall from grace.
I gotta find a new place.
A holiday, I'll set off on a new chase.

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