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Week 8

Matchbook Romance - Portrait
Love, bring me the head of jealousy
This curse is the poison on her lips
A love as certain as a sinking ship

Saves the Day - All I'm Losing Is Me [Live]
The moon hangs like the blade of an axe tonight.
And it's poised to drop sometime soon enough on this dump
truck where I lie mixed up with the morning's trash
There's a piece of glass sticking in my back and tar covering my mouth.
But it's okay cause I'm still breathing and my hands are free of the heap

Pearl Jam - Better Man (♥)
She lies and says she's in love with him
Can't find a better man
She dreams in color, she dreams in red
Can't find a better man

3 Doors Down - The Real Life
But I woke up to the real life
And I realized it's not worth running from anymore
When there was nowhere left to hide
I found out
That nothing's real here
But I won't stop now
Until I find a better part of me

Gym Class Heroes - Viva La White Girl
The world is yours, so play the role.
Blow the dust off this record and put the needle down slow.
Our veins are cold, but we'll never grow old.
Let's have a toast, and raise our drinks.
No hearts on our sleeves, just eagles on our cuff links.
It's such a rush to know you love me so much.

Bayside - Winter [Acoustic] (♥)
An angel got his wings,
And we'll hold our heads up knowing that he's fine.
We'd all be lucky to have a love like that in a lifetime.

BEDlight for blueEYES - Jumper [Third Eye Blind cover] (♥ ♥ ♥)
The angry boy, a bit too insane
Icing over a secret pain
You know you don't belong
You're the first to fight, you're way too loud
You're the flash of light on a burial shroud
I know something's wrong

The Hush Sound - Sweet Tangerine
Light comes through the clouds
And haunts me like bad dreams
Outside looking in
I'm feeling lost
And cold as a sin
A sheed of a hope
A little bit of sweetness
Anything please
Except defeat

Angels and Airwaves - Do It For Me Now
I give and I give and I give and I give and I'm still
Lost and hurt and bone thin from the love that's been starved
I know it got close but I'm sure it's too far
From the point of suspense, we know it should be
The end of that part of our favorite movie

Jack's Mannequin - Kill the Messenger (♥)
Oh my god, this hurts like hell
I had that dream again where
I was lost for good in outer space
Tell me, doctor, how to shake
A waking nightmare that is only
Worse when I am sleeping

Mae - Cover Me (♥)
The world is ending, don't you even know?
Well, how did evolution get so slow?
The grass don't even grow.
Say, you buy and sell and throw it all away.
And hope it nevers gets to you too late.
This plan is gonna blow.

The Fray - Hundred (♥)
So this is where you are
And this is where I am
So this is where you are
And this is where I've been
Somewhere between
Unsure and a hundred

Augustana - Mayfield (♥)
South Pacific's whiskey and sin, now honey,
These angels got me talking again, jump slowly
Gently as the breaking waves, I'm flying
The tide closing in on my face...

Aiden - Breathless
We passed though like a nightmare falling down, without touching the ground. This ghost and vacant eyes deceive thee, they've come to take me without words and silence. with a hand now crushing hope this late kiss, you've come to make this my last night home.

Our Lady Peace - Al Genina (Leave the Light On) (♥)
A woman smiled at me
She said, welcome to my home
Life is different here, she says it's not
Camoflauge with gold
And hey, leave the light on for me.

Hidden in Plain View - In Memory (♥)
This feeling never dies. The fever never breaks.
It shakes under your skin, and drips across your face.
It speaks to me, telling me you're terrified of this disease,
'Cause you look so weak. As it's ripping through your body,
It's tearing through me.

Mae - Goodbye, Goodnight
Goodbye, I'm not going to waste this time
This light that burns will keep on fading.
Goodnight, I'm not getting up off of this ride,
I'm holding tight until I can feel alive.

Jem - 24
Been given 24 hours
To tie up loose ends
To make amends
His eyes said it all
I started to fall
And the silence deafened

Further Seems Forever - New Year's Project
And you were the outline
Of everything you would become.
The keeper of these hands.
To hold you now
It is a far cry more than anything I deserve.

This Providence - My Dream is You
Do you even know
What you mean to me?
Well I'm at a loss for words.
Do you even know,
You make me so happy.
Well I'm at a loss for words.

Bryan Adams - Summer of '69 (♥)
Standin' on your mama's porch,
You told me that you'd wait forever.
Oh, and when you held my hand
I knew that it was now or never.
Those were the best days of my life.
Back in the summer of '69

Dispatch - The General (♥)
On the battlefield, he gained respectful fame
With many metals of bravery and stripes to his name
He grew a beard as soon as he could
To cover the scars on his face
And always urged his men on

Rookie of the Year - Liars and Battlelines (♥ ♥ ♥)
So she's packing up to leave for good now.
Battlelines have been drawn out, love.
And when we drive, we'll take that long way home.
And I apologize for bleeding words.
We'll pack our things up like we should
And go our way back home.

Quietdrive - Rise From the Ashes (♥)
And I am certain I've become
Broken, bruised, and numb
Would you restate your opinion
And hold back your investigation?
Do you see the sins you're making?
Because I've made them all before.

Dropping Daylight - Waiting Through the Afternoon
Like the rhythm of a record through my mind
Played slowly
To emphasie the condition of a dead line
So hopeless
Let the record play on and on and on
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