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If you download anything from this post, it should be Rookie of the Year. My new favorite album. It's really lovely, and even if you don't know any of the similar artists (I'm not familiar with them either), you would probably still love them. And if you only want to download one of their songs, it should be Liars and Battlelines. <3

Artist Name: City and Colour
Album: Sometimes
For Fans of (according to Dallas Green, Alexisonfire, The Fully Down, Drive by Punch

Full album download below.

1. ...Off By Heart
The stars are aligned, but they don't align for us.
Excuse me for I am the ocean, and I will starve for you.
Will you know how to stay brave?
Such fragile moments we share

2. Like Knives
Your words are like knives
They peel my skin and pierce my soul
Your body will burn tonight, but your heart will remain cold

3. Hello, I'm In Delaware
My body aches
And it hurts to say
No one is moving
And I wish that I weren't here tonight
But this is my life.

4. Save Your Scissors
So save your scissors
For someone else's skin
My surface is so tough
I don't think the blade will dig in

5. In The Water, I Am Beautiful
And I will long to hold you in my arms
So when you ask, "Do you love me?"
I should reply, "Yes, most certainly."
I will try harder to be all that I can be

6. Day Old Hate
So drown me if you can
Or we could just have conversation
And I fall, I fall, I falter
But I found you before I drift away

7. Sam Malone
And I still remember the sound of your voice
Although your silence still rings so clear
Do you think that I would call just to hear you breathe?
You always knew that just one word would dry up all my tears.

8. Comin' Home
I've seen a palace in London, I've seen a castle in Wales
But I'd rather wake up beside you and breathe that ol' familiar smell
I never thought you could leave me, I figured I was the one
But I understand your sadness so I guess I should just hold my tongue.

9. Casey's Song
With you on my mind
And my heart held in your hands
Break me, break me.

10. Sometimes (I Wish)
What happens when I grow old,
And all my stories have been told?
Will your heart still race for me,
Or will it race to a new beat?
If I was a simple man...

City and Colour - Sometimes

Artist Name: Quietdrive
Album: When All That's Left is You
For Fans Of (according to Sneaker 2 Bombs, The Semester, Dropping Daylight, Frequency

Full album download below.

1. Rise From the Ashes
Would you restate your opinion
And hold back your investigation?
Do you see the sins you're making?
Because I've made them all before.

2. Get Up
Get up, it's time to die.
Just guess and don't ask why.
Lately you just don't try
Someday we will fly
Higher than the satellites
Into a special paradise

3. Take a Drink
I always want to be a mystery
I always knew that two and two made three
I wish away the time I'm living in
I never wanna see the smile again

4. Let Me Go In
I've talked to her a thousand times before
But this time she fell to pieces
But I won't insist upon telling he truth
I've always thought guys like me would be obvious

5. RushTogether
They grew up in the same old town
Never knowing the other was around
Read from the same damn books
But never caught each other's looks
But one day the sun will shine, I know
For their eyyes have told me so

6. Maybe Misery
But I'm really just anxious
To cross that bridge
The subconscious oasis
Where right is right and wrong is wrong
And you aren't there to build me up

7. I Lie Awake
I lie awake because I'm scared
I'm not as fake as you once heard
But we'll lay down now making sure we
Put these words between us

8. The Season
I'm feeling mixed up
A little bit confused
When everything is left unsaid
I'm feeling left out
A little bit concerned
I'll play it out in my head

9. Time after Time
After my picture fades and darkness has turned to gray
Watching through windows, you're wondering if I'm okay
But you say go slow; I fall behind
The drum beats out of time

10. Both Ways
And they are at it again
Making believe
That they're free as it seems
But only finding out
That they're on a sinking ship
That doesn't care
How many it saves today.

Quietdrive - When All That's Left Is You

Artist Name: Rookie of the Year
Album Name: The Goodnight Moon
For Fan Of (according to Rory, Inkwell, Thin Dark Line, Jinxed

Full album download below.

1. The Goodnight Moon
Did you really want a chance?
Did you really want to know?
Did you really want to forget glory?
Goodnight. Goodnight moon.

2. Poison Like Your Own
I'm drowning for your love.
Was this a mistake?
Oh my god, was this a mistake?
Would I do it all again?
I'm drowning for your love.

3. Silhouettes (All Eyes Above)
Your star can't leave with the angels above
Hold them by their wings (all eyes above)
You can change (all eyes above)
You remain like a diamond in the sky.

4. Sign of Her Glory
And the moon leaves the sun in the morning
But it's still dark, closed blinds
Sign of her glory
Waiting on another day to simply sleep the sun away
I'll be right here for you

5. Liars and Battlelines
Cross my fingers
Hold your breath
Suburban legend, queen of that.
I leave you with this beautiful melody

6. Pop Destroyed the Scene
So this is what I said,
"If I can just, just touch heaven
I would that I did
And it glows on my fingertips."
What we want the world can't offer
But we'll get it anyway

7. The Blue Roses
Someday those scribbled lines will be straight.
Conversations will never bare your name.
August came and left this town
You're such a beautiful sound

8. Life Fall Fast Now
Don't lie.
Life falls fast now.
She hits the ground.
Tonight, let me save you.
I'm already yours.

9. Set the Sails, Red Beret
The feelings that you get when you're awake.
Staring at ceilings once again.
With open eyes, your bandages will heal.
Nothing but your ponytail stories to tell.

10. The Weekend
And you tell me,
"You're not second best."
But you know that that's a lie.

11. Enjoy This Drive
You're a little faster than you were before.
A little better than you already were.
So when the lights go out, don't be shy.
Let's give this one last try.

12. Having to Let Go
This winter is rising
And you're not here
So just leave
Let's just breathe
Don't fool ourselves

Rookie of the Year - The Goodnight Moon
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